snorkeltour_atemrauschSnorkeling tour

The atemrausch* snorkeling tour is an activity of all ages. Everybody who enjoyes the sea, has never been snorkeling before or already has snorkeling experience is very welcome to join the tour. Especially families enjoy our excursion a lot. Here you will find the most important information.

  • The snorkeling can be joined as a total beginner or advanced snorkeler
  • The minimum age for participating in the tour is 6 years
  • Every tour involves a theory session prior the excursion in the water
  • Each tour includes: mask and snorkel, fins, neoprene suit, theory introduction, guided tour mit snorkeling guide
  • depending on the water and wind conditions we will pick one of the four beautiful bays in Cala Sant Vicenc/ Cala San Vicente
  • the excursion lasts in total for 90 minutes
  • Adults pay 35 Euros for the snorkeling tour
  • The tours costs 25 Euros for kids and teenagers up to 14 years
  • For familys the 2nd and every following kid only pays 19,- Euros

Frequent companions are  colorful wrasse fish and the golden sea bream. If we are lucky, we will find beautiful octopus on the rocks or little rays. After the excursion we will get changed and will have a debriefing about our adventure. We are very happy to tell you more about snorkeling or scuba diving after the tour.